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SDG 3.7: ‘Mother, Not Patient!’ global communication campaign launched at BPSMV

“Though I was prepared for cesarean delivery, I opted and successfully delivered twin girls through normal delivery. In future, I will advise my daughters to go for normal delivery," said Prof. Ipshita Bansal, Dean, Academic Affairs, Bhagat Phool Singh Mahila Vishwavidyalaya (BPSMV), a public university in the Indian state of Haryana. 

SDG 3.7: ‘Mother, Not Patient!’ global communication campaign launched at BPSMV
Speaking on the occasions, Mrs. Ipshita Bansal said the health of pregnant woman is crucial for development of the foetus and also her health and well-being. Image Credit: Devdiscourse News Desk

"Mother, Not Patient!" – the global communication campaign of Devdiscourse was launched on Tuesday, October 15, 2019, in collaboration with the Department of Social Work of Bhagat Phool Singh Mahila Vishwavidyalaya (BPSMV), a public university in the Indian state of Haryana. Prof. Ipshita Bansal, Dean, Academic Affairs of the university launched the campaign by taking the pledge.

Speaking on the occasion, Mrs. Bansal said that the health of a pregnant woman is crucial for the development of the fetus and also her health and well-being. "Pregnancy is very crucial in the life of a woman and she should not be treated as a patient. It's the responsibility of the doctors to advise pregnant mothers for a healthy pregnancy and opt for cesarean delivery only it is necessary due to medical reasons."

She also shared her personal experience. "Though I was prepared for cesarean delivery, I opted and successfully delivered twin girls through normal delivery. In future, I will advise my daughters to go for normal delivery." She also emphasized that the mental well-being of the mother affects the development of the child, therefore, its responsibility of medicos, relatives and others to create a pleasant ambience around her. Besides the 'To Be Mothers' should also care for their health and well being of the developing fetus.

Dr. Saloni Gupta, Gynaecologist at Abhishek Hospital strongly supported the campaign "Mother, Not Patient!" and said, "Mothers should not be called as patients. It's a very happy moment in the life of a woman. Cesarean section is not just a surgery – open and close. In this case, the mother really becomes the patient. She is open to lots of complications like temporary and permanent. Once the delivery is done by surgical method, the patient is open to next cesarean. Chances of rupture in the uterus, hysterectomy etc. including more other complication increase." Expressing serious concern on rising cesarean deliveries throughout the world, Dr Gupta emphasized that the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO) should be followed in its letter and spirit while recommending caesarean delivery for 'To Be Mothers'.

Providing Ayurvedic perspective to the campaign, Dr G K Panda, HOD, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, MSM Institute of Ayurveda opposed the use of the term 'patient' for the pregnant women. "In Ayurveda, we do not use the term 'patient' (rogee) for pregnant women but instead use Garbhini (Expectant Mother). He also described the concept and procedure of Sukhaprasava (Happy Delivery) of Ayurvedic system of healthcare.

Dr Rajeev Mahindru, senior gynaecologist, BPS Government Medical College explained the social traditions such as the preference to a male child as a major cause for the increase in caesarean deliveries in Western India. He also emphasised that modern lifestyle, less tolerance of mothers to labour and delivery pain, etc. also contribute to the rise in surgical deliveries.

Dr. Manju Panwar, Head, Department of Social Work welcomed the guests and Dr. Deepali Mathur introduced the theme of the campaign. Mr. Siddheshwar Shukla, Associate Editor, Devdiscourse and Campaign Lead explained the campaign and communication plan to the gathering. Besides medical students of the university's medical college, the students of social work and other disciplines were also present in the launch event. Several faculty members, medical students and also the students of the other disciplines supported the campaign and signed the pledge "I hereby discontinue to use the term 'patient' for pregnant women and resolve to work for ensuring their mental health and well-being through positive communication".

Note: Visit Live Discourse for more news, views, and interviews on the global communication campaign - Mother, Not Patient!. Please click to sign the pledge and know more about the campaign.



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