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US has most confirmed coronavirus cases in world

PTI | Washington DC | Updated: 27-03-2020 10:33 IST | Created: 27-03-2020 09:52 IST
US has most confirmed coronavirus cases in world
Representative image Image Credit: ANI

The US now has more coronavirus cases than any other country after more than 16,000 COVID-19 infections were reported there in a single day, taking the number of patients in America to over 85,600, according to Johns Hopkins University data. Globally, a total of 24,057 people have died due to the novel coronavirus with Italy standing at the top with 8,215 deaths, followed by Spain (4,365) and China (3,169), the varsity figures stated.

America leads with 85,653 COVID-19 cases, followed by China with 81,782 and Italy with 80,589 infections, the data showed. According to Worldometer, the website that records confirmed cases of infection and deaths globally, the US by Thursday night had 85,088 individuals infected with coronavirus, of which 16,877 were added just in a single day. A week ago, the number of confirmed cases was 8,000. It has dangerously surged 10 times in the span of a week.

With at least 263 deaths, the US also reported the most number of fatalities due to the contagion on a single day on Thursday. At least 1,290 Americans have died due to coronavirus so far, the website reported. Over 2,000 coronavirus cases were reported in a serious condition. The number of confirmed cases as well as the deaths due to COVID-19 are likely to increase substantially in the coming days.

In China, where the outbreak originated in December, 3,287 people have died due to coronavirus pandemic while Italy has recorded 8,215 such deaths. US President Donald Trump attributed the spike in the confirmed cases to the large-scale testing of the deadly disease.

"I think it's a tribute to our testing," he said, adding "no one knows what the numbers are in China". Vice President Mike Pence said it was important for hospitals and labs testing the samples to report back to the Centre for Disease Control and Federal Emergency Management Agency so that the government has full visibility to provide the President with the best counsel.

The Abbott Laboratory submitted to Food and Drug Administration a national request for approval of a point-of-care test, he said, adding that this would be the kind of test where one could go to a doctor and get the test done and have the results in no more than 15 minutes. In an interview with CNN, Anthony Fauci, America's top infectious disease expert said it was difficult to tell where the pandemic will go and how long it will last in the US.

This is the relative percentage of asymptomatic infection and it "influences everything," he said. It influences transmission, contact tracing, and the measures that the authorities need to take. That's why the most important thing to do now is to conduct widespread testing and collect more data, he asserted.

He called for ratcheting up the current level of contact tracing and testing. "We've got to do it better than we are now," he said.

According to Deborah Brix, coordinator for the White House Coronavirus Task Force, 55 percent of all new cases continue out of the New York - New York Metro area. This includes New Jersey as well, she said, expressing concern over the coronavirus spread. "At the same time, 19 of the 50 states that had early cases, but have a persistently low level of cases and at this point have less than 200 cases," she said.

Brix said the US had done 5,50,000 tests so far. "We are still running somewhere about 14 percent overall. That means 86 percent of the people with significant symptoms because remember you had to have a fever and symptoms to get tested at this point. So still 86 percent are negative," she said.

These are really important facts for the American people, Brix said. She was critical of some of the modeling studies which had said that there would be 500,000 deaths in the UK and 2.2 million deaths in the US.

"They have adjusted that number in the UK to 20,000. Half a million to 20,000. We are looking into this in great detail to understand that adjustment," she said. "When people start talking about 20 percent of a population getting infected, it's very scary but we don't have data that matches that based on the experience," Brix said.

She assured Americans that there was no shortage of essential medical supplies including ventilators and ICU beds.

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