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Tanker abandoned after coming under fire in Gulf of Oman: operator

PTI singapore
Updated: 13-06-2019 16:15 IST
Tanker abandoned after coming under fire in Gulf of Oman: operator

(Representative Image) Image Credit: Pixabay

A methanol tanker came under fire in the Gulf of Oman Thursday but all crew were saved after abandoning ship and its methanol cargo is intact, its Japanese operator Kokuka Sangyo shipping company said. "It appears other ships also came under fire," company president Yutaka Katada told reporters in Tokyo, confirming an earlier report from its Singapore management company about a "security incident" in the busy shipping waterway.

Our crew members made evasive manoeuvers but three hours later it was hit again. The crew assessed that it was dangerous to stay on this ship, and they used lifeboats to escape," added Katada.

Meanwhile, Japan's Economy, Trade and Industry Minister Hiroshige Seko told reporters: "A tanker carrying Japan-related goods was attacked. There were no injuries among the crew members. They got off the tanker. There were no Japanese members." BSM Ship Management, based in Singapore, had earlier said in a statement that the 21 crew of the Kokuka Courageous had been rescued, with one receiving first aid for a minor injury. "The Kokuka Courageous remains in the area and is not in any danger of sinking. The cargo of methanol is intact," BSM said.

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