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Kyoto Seika University attracts foreign students

Kyoto Seika University is located in the northern part of the city and is very popular among foreign tourists who visit Japan.

ANI | Tokyo | Updated: 02-02-2020 18:25 IST | Created: 02-02-2020 18:25 IST
Kyoto Seika University attracts foreign students
Kyoto Seika University (File pic). Image Credit: ANI

Kyoto Seika University is located in the northern part of the city and is very popular among foreign tourists who visit Japan. Students study various courses of arts, including design, painting, and sculpture. Many graduates contribute to society as creators.

Oussouby Sacko, the first African-origin president in a Japanese university, preaches the ideology of "the principles of respect for humanity" and "the spirit of freedom and autonomy" to young generations. "This university policy is based on three points: one is a global education, one is labor at education and another one is the expression so you have to have your own voice so even like you if you're connected with your society you have to have your own voice. Therefore, my education policy is to have a global open and diverse university so here almost 20 per cent of our students are foreigners," Sacko said.

"In addition, that is a big number in Japan actually, but at the same time, I try to treat each one with the differences. Therefore, I do not try to make it kind of like a place where people look like each other in a lot of places. But why don't we collaborate to communicate and live together with all differences? So lets I mean respect our differences and make that a force. So that is my education policy," he added. Sacko says that it is also important to have a look at the courses

"Have a look at our courses in our philosophy so it's not the history of philosophy. It is the philosophy itself. "How to think?" so as I said before that they graduate I want them to have their own voice "how do you want to change the society", 'how do you want to change,' this global world so that is very important for me because of the young people. I mean tomorrow is for them. And what is very important 'How everyone can make its own place in the future society which is globalized and diverse and also accept differences," he said. (ANI)

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