Ukraine Thwarts Russian Drone Attacks Overnight

Ukraine's air defence systems successfully destroyed 24 out of 25 drones launched by Russia overnight. Additionally, Russia fired an Iskander-K cruise missile and an anti-aircraft guided missile towards Ukraine's Kharkiv region. The air force did not disclose the fate of the missiles on Telegram.

Reuters | Updated: 02-06-2024 10:06 IST | Created: 02-06-2024 10:06 IST
Ukraine Thwarts Russian Drone Attacks Overnight
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Ukraine's air defence systems destroyed 24 of the 25 attack drones that Russia launched overnight, Ukraine's air force said on Sunday.

Russia also launched an Iskander-K cruise missile towards Ukraine's Kharkiv region and an anti-aircraft guided missile, the air force said on the Telegram messaging app. It did not say what happened to the missiles.

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