Russia's Advance in Kharkiv Slows Down: Frontline Stabilizes

U.S. Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin noted the slowing of Russia's advance in Kharkiv and the stabilizing frontline after allies eased restrictions on Ukraine's use of donated weapons. Despite concerns about potential breakthroughs, Austin predicts incremental gains rather than significant advancements going forward.

Reuters | Brussels | Updated: 13-06-2024 19:27 IST | Created: 13-06-2024 19:27 IST
Russia's Advance in Kharkiv Slows Down: Frontline Stabilizes
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Russia's advance in the Kharkiv area is slowing and the frontline is stabilizing after some allies lifted restrictions on Kyiv's use of donated weapons on Russian territory, U.S. Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin said on Thursday.

"What I see is a slowing of the Russians' advance and a stabilizing of that particular piece of the front. Now, I think we'll see incremental gains -- and we'll see puts and takes -- going forward," he told reporters on the sidelines of a NATO defence ministers' meeting in Brussels.

"But again, a couple of weeks ago, there was concern that we would see a significant breakthrough on the part of the Russians. I don't think we'll see that going forward."

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