Hijab Controversy: Law College Teacher Resigns

Sanjida Qadar, a teacher at LJD Law College in Kolkata, has decided not to rejoin her workplace after being asked not to attend classes wearing a hijab. Despite being told she could wear a headscarf, she believes leaving is best for her career. The college respects her decision.

PTI | Kolkata | Updated: 14-06-2024 09:17 IST | Created: 14-06-2024 09:17 IST
Hijab Controversy: Law College Teacher Resigns
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Sanjida Qadar, an instructor at LJD Law College in Kolkata, announced her resignation after being instructed not to attend classes while donning a hijab. The college later permitted her to wear a headscarf but Qadar opted to explore other career opportunities, citing discomfort. LJD Law College stated it respects her decision and wishes her success.

Qadar had been wearing the headscarf since Ramzan, but the issue intensified recently. In a communication on June 10, the college mentioned she could return under specific dress code conditions. However, in a subsequent email, Qadar decided against rejoining.

She indicated that continuing at the institution would not be comfortable for her. The college administration, acknowledging her choice, extended their best wishes for her future endeavors.

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