Shockwaves in France: Adolescent Boys Charged in Religion-Driven Violent Assault

Two adolescent boys in Paris face charges of raping a 12-year-old Jewish girl and committing religion-motivated violence, stirring nationwide outrage. Political leaders, amidst electoral campaigns, condemned the attack, marking it as a serious societal issue. Investigations continue as authorities seek justice for the victim.

PTI | Paris | Updated: 19-06-2024 19:55 IST | Created: 19-06-2024 19:55 IST
Shockwaves in France: Adolescent Boys Charged in Religion-Driven Violent Assault
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In a Paris suburb, two adolescent boys have been preliminarily charged for the rape of a 12-year-old Jewish girl and for violence motivated by religion, authorities stated on Wednesday. The incident has sparked widespread shock, particularly amid a rise in antisemitic acts since the onset of the Israel-Hamas war.

The alleged assault occurred in Courbevoie, where the girl reported the incident over the weekend. Three boys, aged 12 and 13, were initially detained, according to the regional prosecutor's office. Two of them now face multiple serious charges, including aggravated gang rape of a minor, violence, religiously motivated insults, death threats, attempted extortion, and unlawful recording or broadcasting of sexual images.

Respecting victim protection policies, the prosecutor's office withheld the girl's identity and religion, although media reports and the town mayor have identified her as Jewish, labeling the incident as an antisemitic attack. The accused boys remain in custody as the investigation proceeds, while the third boy has been designated as an assisted witness and placed in special education.

Political leaders across France have condemned the attack during a heated parliamentary election campaign. Notably, the far-right National Rally party has focused on security and immigration. Echoing the collective condemnation, Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin described the attack as 'awful' and stressed the societal and parental responsibility to prevent such acts.

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