Cultural changes between younger and older generations in Canada

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Cultural changes between younger and older generations in Canada
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In the last 50 years, Canada has carved a place out for itself on the world stage. The country has managed to reshape how it is seen in the social imagination of wider society, moving beyond being seen as "the cold one" in the list of British Commonwealth countries. Younger generations of Canadians are establishing themselves and moving Canadian culture forward. Let's take a look at some of the major cultural changes between older and younger generations of Canadians.

Video gaming

Video games might not seem terribly important, but the rise in popularity of video games, particularly mobile games, is a massive cultural shift. For older generations, video games were primarily an activity for teenage boys and young men. This has changed in recent years. According to a recent study, nearly 60% of Canadian adults and 80% of teenagers now play video games. How people play games is changing too. Younger generations don't see playing video games as a solitary activity, they use video games to keep in touch with friends and family and to meet new people. Parents are also more likely to play video games with their children as a bonding activity.

Just like in the rest of the world, mobile game use has grown dramatically. Of course, many people from older generations play mobile games too, but it is the younger generations that have driven this growth and that have made video gaming more socially acceptable for all ages and genders. Again, like elsewhere in the world, a range of different styles of games are popular across Canada. Puzzle games and fighting games are among those with the most downloads.

Acceptability of gambling

Gambling is not a new pastime for Canadians, but for older generations, there was less social acceptability. For younger generations, gambling has lost much of the taboo that surrounded it and is now seen in a more positive light. A day out at the casino is a fun outing rather than something to be secretive or embarrassed about. Online casinos have helped this transition to acceptability as they are a more comfortable form of gambling. This change is partly related to the rise in popularity of mobile gaming mentioned above since many online slot machine games closely resemble mobile games in terms of simplicity, appealing design and huge variety. This well renowned online casino, for example, offers hundreds of different slot games.

Social justice awareness

One of the biggest cultural changes between the generations is a greater awareness of and concern about social justice issues. For previous generations, tensions between Quebecois and Anglophone Canadians were the most pressing social justice issue. As these relations improved, many of those in the older generations seemed to believe that issues of race, religion and sexuality were problems that their southern neighbor had, but from which they were exempt. Films like 2005's C.R.A.Z.Y., directed by Jean-Marc Vallée, showed audiences that these had always been Canadian issues too. Younger generations have embraced the need for awareness and progress towards equality.

One of the areas in which levels of awareness have risen dramatically between generations is in issues facing First Nations peoples. For example, up until very recently, the disappearance of First Nations women along a stretch of highway in British Columbia was disregarded by not only the general population but also the police and the government. It is only in recent years that the government and RCMP have begun to seriously investigate these disappearances and deaths on the so-called Highway of Tears. While older generations were able to ignore this situation, younger generations have become vocal about protecting at-risk women.


Canada has been associated with ice hockey for as long as anyone can remember. This often means that the importance of hockey to other countries is ignored. It is true that hockey is an important part of Canadian sporting culture, but it is not the only sport that has a following among younger generations in Canada. One sport that has grown greatly in popularity in the last decade is football, with the Canadian Football League attracting wider audiences and higher caliber players in recent years.

Canada is a country with plenty to offer. It has natural beauty, vibrant cities and a strong community culture. Younger generations of Canadians are playing a large part in leading Canada towards being a more active member within the world community. It will be exciting to see what changes are to come.

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