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Life-Size Outdoor Scrabble Game to be Installed for a Limited Time Only

Life-Size Outdoor Scrabble Game to be Installed for a Limited Time Only
This is potentially the largest game of scrabble in New Zealand right now. Image Credit: Pexels

To people's delight, a life-size outdoor scrabble game will be installed in the former Phoenix car park this week. It will be operated at Te Papa O Nga Manu Porotakataka on Maunganui Road from 9am to 5 in the afternoon from April 15 to 18.

The game will feature plywood tiles the size of dinner plates that are plated on a board measuring more than four meters wide by up to four players or teams. The giant scrabble has been brought together in collaboration between Mount Mainstreet and Knock Knock Events and will only be installed for a limited time.

Luke Schroder of Knock Knock Events said they are thrilled to bring this interactive game to the Mount these holidays. He said the new urban space will be utilized in an exciting creative project. "This is potentially the largest game of scrabble in New Zealand right now."

Moreover, the urban space will also feature comfortable bean bags and other outdoor games for all ages to make the most o

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