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Cases involving Rajasthan govt depts to be available on single online platform

PTI Jaipur
Updated: 13-09-2019 18:46 IST
Cases involving Rajasthan govt depts to be available on single online platform

Information related to judicial cases of various Rajasthan government departments will now be available on a single online platform with Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot approving a proposal of the Department of Justice on Friday. An official statement said, information on pending judicial cases of various departments will be made available on a single platform with the purpose of greater transparency in the functioning of the government.

"This will make it easier for the common people to get information. Without the need of a login ID and password, any person can use the search option to get general information about the case, the name of the officer-in-charge and the advocate and information about the concerned department and officials," it said. At present, information about the cases registered in the Supreme Court and the High Court is available separately on the website of the respective courts and on the e-court portal.

Now, with all the information being made available at one place, the administrative department will get help in effective supervision and the process of settlement of the suit will also become simple and effective, the statement said. Currently, about 4,14,000 cases of 297 heads of departments and 6,668 offices falling under 51 administrative departments of the government have been registered in the Litigation Information Tracking and Evaluation System (Lites) software. Of these, about 1.85 lakh judicial cases are pending.

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