Ruling parties in Centre and Kerala betrayed freedom struggle, alleges Satheesan

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Ruling parties in Centre and Kerala betrayed freedom struggle, alleges Satheesan
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A day after the country celebrated the 76th Independence Day, senior Congress leader and the Leader of Opposition in the Kerala Legislative Assembly, V D Satheesan on Tuesday lashed out at the BJP and the Communist party, claiming that both the political parties had the history of betraying the freedom struggle.

In a video message, Satheesan said the Centre was now being ruled by the successors of those who sought apology and reconciled with the Britishers while the communists who were ruling the state had tried to overthrow the Nehru government through armed revolution.

''There is a fun fact that those who betrayed the freedom struggle were now seen celebrating the 75th anniversary of Indian independence. The predecessors of the ruling party in the Centre initially took part in the freedom struggle and went to jail. But later they entered into a pact with the Britishers, apologised to them and were freed. They later backstabbed the freedom struggle,'' Satheesan claimed.

He said the communists also did the same. ''In 1939, when Russia's Stalin entered into a pact with Germany's Hitler known as Hitler-Stalin pact, the communists in Kerala were with Hitler. When Hitler betrayed Stalin and attacked Russia, they joined the British. The communists in Kerala also joined them. In 1942, when the Quit India movement was announced, the communists betrayed that movement,'' Satheesan claimed.

Referring to the Calcutta thesis of 1948, the Congress leader alleged that the Communists tried to overthrow the Nehru government.

He alleged that the successors of communists party today are still not respecting the Constitution of the country and their leaders have no allegiance to it.

''These two political parties are staging performances in the name of celebrating Independence day. They don't have any sincerity,'' Satheesan said.

He said he wanted the young generation to understand the history of these political parties. Both the BJP and the Communists parties have not reacted to Satheesan's charges.

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