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PM's brother Somabhai Modi to garner support for 'nationalist parties'

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Updated: 30-11-2018 20:49 IST
PM's brother Somabhai Modi to garner support for 'nationalist parties'

(Image Credit: Twitter)

Global Indians for Bharatiya Vikas (GIBV), an organisation whose vice-president is Somabhai Modi, Prime Minister Narendra Modi's elder brother, said Friday that it will appeal voters to ensure a majority for a "nationalist party" in the coming Lok Sabha polls.

Around 5,000 Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) and thousands of local youth will take part in this campaign across the country, Somabhai Modi told reporters here.

"GIBV will soon start a campaign to ensure a maximum percentage of voting in Lok Sabha elections," he said. "We will appeal voters to give an absolute majority to a nationalist party," he said. "We will not ask voters to vote for any particular party, but will ask them to vote for a nationalist party," Somabhai said when asked if they will canvas support for the BJP. "Our aim is to ensure over 70 per cent voting.

We do not want horse-trading of MPs, so we will appeal people to give a clear mandate to one party," he said.

While Somabhai Modi did not say that the organisation will seek votes for a particular party, other members of the NGO said Narendra Modi was the best option for the country. "Narendra Modi is the only best option and his party is nationalist, so we will ask people to support his re-election," said GIBV secretary Manish Trivedi.

(With inputs from agencies.)