Netanyahu Disbands War Cabinet Amidst Cease-Fire Doubts

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu disbanded his war Cabinet, consolidating his control over the Israel-Hamas conflict. This move reduces the chances of a cease-fire in the Gaza Strip, as major war decisions will now be made by Netanyahu's security Cabinet, which predominantly opposes the US-backed cease-fire proposal.

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Netanyahu Disbands War Cabinet Amidst Cease-Fire Doubts
Benjamin Netanyahu
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In a significant political maneuver, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has disbanded his war Cabinet, a move that consolidates his influence over the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict. The decision is expected to reduce the likelihood of a cease-fire in the Gaza Strip anytime soon.

This announcement came shortly after Netanyahu's chief political adversary, Benny Gantz, exited the three-member war Cabinet. Gantz, a former general and parliamentarian, was seen as a moderate influence within the group. Following his departure, critical wartime policies are now in the hands of Netanyahu's larger security Cabinet, which is largely composed of hard-liners opposing the US-backed cease-fire initiative.

Netanyahu is anticipated to consult key allies in private meetings, which could temper some hard-line stances. However, the prime minister has shown little enthusiasm for a cease-fire. This consolidation of power allows Netanyahu to draw out the conflict while avoiding political repercussions, such as potential new elections and corruption investigations.

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