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Spiritual Retreat in Delhi by Acharya Prashant of Prashant Advait Foundation

During this camp Acharya shred lights on establishing connection with the lives of people for better understanding of the effort to help people achieve solace from their mundane lifestyle.

Updated: 16-07-2019 11:06 IST | Created: 16-07-2019 11:06 IST
Spiritual Retreat in Delhi by Acharya Prashant of Prashant Advait Foundation
Image Credit: PAF

A three days Spiritual Retreat was held in Delhi from 12th to 14th July 2019 by Acharya Prashant- the founder of PrashantAdvait Foundation. With the goal to help people live their lives in the light of truth, the camp focused on dealing with problems concerning various aspects of life ranging from personal to professional, physical to mental.

During this particular camp, there were scripture readings based on issues shortlisted by Acharya Prashant. He also threw light on establishing a connection with the lives of people for a better understanding of the effort to help people achieve solace from their mundane lifestyle. This included Shabd-Yoga Satsang, Studio Kabir, Anhad Kriya, Aatma Avlokan, Chandra Darshan Kriya and Nature Walks.

Prashant Tripathi, also known as Acharya Prashant, founder of PrashantAdvait Foundation, is an alumnus of prestigious institutions like IIT Delhi, IIM Ahmedabad and an Ex-Civil Services Officer. He left behind his lucrative career in the corporate world to serve as a mystic, focusing on the confluence of scriptures, the teaching of saints and modern philosophy to aid mankind to live in peace and harmony.

The foundation is a non-profit spiritual organization which aims at providing solutions to affairs that cannot be resolved with a mainstream degree or certificate courses. It has opened up a new arena were not just learning but spirituality, experience, rationality, emotion, and knowledge comes into action.

With the vision to achieve a Holistic Development, the foundation offers courses at schools, colleges and various organizations across India wherein self-awareness become the vehicle of understanding social and environmental issues.



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