Bhaderwah: The Cool Escape from Northern Plains’ Scorching Heat

Bhaderwah in Jammu and Kashmir’s Doda district welcomed over 1.5 lakh tourists in May as northern plains witnessed extreme heat. The region's water bodies, like Neel Ganga River, have been major attractions. Officials and locals highlight Bhaderwah's rise as a top tourist destination, boosting the local economy.

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Bhaderwah: The Cool Escape from Northern Plains’ Scorching Heat
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Bhaderwah, a picturesque valley in Jammu and Kashmir's Doda district, witnessed a surge in tourism with over 1.5 lakh visitors in May. As the northern plains grappled with searing heat, tourists flocked to Bhaderwah, drawn by its cool climate and scenic water bodies.

According to local officials, several water sources including the Neel Ganga River and streams from Ashapati and Kailash glaciers are the primary attractions. "This time of year, especially post-board exams, hill stations like Bhaderwah become major draws for visitors," said Bal Krishan, CEO of Bhaderwah Development Authority (BDA).

Tourism has flourished, with nearly 5 lakh tourists visiting so far this year, cementing Bhaderwah's reputation as a favored destination in the Jammu province. "Bhaderwah, also known as 'mini Kashmir,' offers breathtaking views and experiences. Popular spots like Padri and Guldanda meadows consistently attract crowds," Krishan added.

The influx of tourists has notably benefited local tour operators, hoteliers, and related businesses. "After a bustling winter season, Bhaderwah's summer appeal continues to draw record numbers of visitors," stated Manish Kotwal, a prominent hotelier in Bhaderwah.

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