Leopard Sparks School Shutdown in Tirupathur

A leopard entered a private school in Tirupathur, causing panic and resulting in a three-day school closure. The district administration is coordinating efforts to capture the animal, which injured one person. Authorities are ensuring the safety of students while monitoring the leopard's movements closely.

PTI | Chennai | Updated: 14-06-2024 20:59 IST | Created: 14-06-2024 20:59 IST
Leopard Sparks School Shutdown in Tirupathur
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A leopard infiltrated a private school campus in Tirupathur on Friday, inciting widespread panic among locals, confirmed a senior forest official. In response, the district collector has mandated a three-day closure for all local schools as authorities hunt for the big cat.

The situation escalated when a parent, arriving to pick up his child around 4 pm, spotted the leopard near the Collectorate and promptly alerted authorities. Police and forest personnel swiftly arrived to ensure the children's safe return home.

Initially, officials considered using nets to capture the animal. However, they abandoned the plan upon finding the leopard hiding in a thicket on school grounds. In a coordinated effort, District Collector K Tharpagaraj, Superintendent of Police Albert John, and forest department staff converged at the scene to supervise operations and maintain public safety.

Tragically, the leopard attacked a man who is currently hospitalized but in stable condition. In a press briefing, Collector Tharpagaraj reassured that all measures are being taken to capture the leopard, with forest department officials monitoring its movements. He emphasized the administration's priority to safeguard students, hence the three-day school closure. Veterinary teams from Hosur are set to tranquilize and relocate the animal.

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