Heavy Rains Trigger Fatal Landslides and Accidents in El Salvador

Five people in El Salvador were killed due to heavy rains causing landslides and vehicle accidents since the weekend. The government declared an emergency and opened shelters. In Tacuba, three died in a landslide, while two others died in a car accident. Guatemala closed schools until Thursday.

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Heavy Rains Trigger Fatal Landslides and Accidents in El Salvador
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Five individuals tragically lost their lives in early Monday incidents that authorities in El Salvador link to persistent heavy rains since the weekend.

In Tacuba, near the Guatemala border, three people, including two minors, were buried in a rain-provoked landslide, reported Juan Carlos Bidegain, chief of civil defense.

Two more fatalities occurred when a vehicle lost control in western El Salvador. Additional casualties include a Saturday landslide and a Sunday incident where a tree fell on a vehicle.

Fuelled by low-pressure areas on Guatemala's Pacific coast and in the Gulf of Mexico, these severe weather conditions prompted El Salvador's government to declare an emergency Sunday, opening about 100 shelters nationwide.

Meanwhile, Guatemalan authorities have closed schools until Thursday as precautionary measures.

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