Unlocking Australia's Ancient Past: New Evidence from Collie

Scientists have discovered evidence of ancient rocks near Collie, Western Australia, potentially extending known areas of ancient crust. These findings, aided by dating zircon grains, help understand Earth's early history and offer insights for mining exploration.

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Unlocking Australia's Ancient Past: New Evidence from Collie
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Perth, Jun 21 (The Conversation) — Our planet formed approximately 4.5 billion years ago, a profound history unlocked by studying ancient rocks and minerals.

New research reveals rocks near Collie, south of Perth, to be nearly 4 billion years old, suggesting Western Australia's ancient crust spans a larger area than previously known. This expands our understanding of early Earth, crucial for insights into continental crust formation.

These rocks support ecosystems and are economically significant due to their mineral resources. The study, relying on zircon grain dating, reveals how these ancient structures remained intact through geochemical changes, offering a rare glimpse into Earth's formative years.

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