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There is no competition on how to save the planet: Monique Maissan, CEO, Waste2Wear

During an exclusive conversation with Devdiscourse, the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Waste2Wear, Monique Maissan exposes the potentiality of the governments to do plenty of things in waste management system. Many other things have been shared by her on the sidelines of Waste Management Series of Summits (WMSS) 2020 organized in New Delhi on January 30-31.

Devdiscourse News DeskDevdiscourse News Desk | Updated: 24-02-2020 12:09 IST | Created: 24-02-2020 12:09 IST
There is no competition on how to save the planet: Monique Maissan, CEO, Waste2Wear
According to Monique Maissan, Waste2Wear will continue to stay focussed on its core which is making textile products from plastics. Image Credit: Devdiscourse News Desk

Monique Maissan opined that the focus area of Waste2Wear is to recycle plastic, mainly all types of plastics. She said that Waste2Wear concentrates on not only to recycle plastic bottle, but all other things like air-conditioning, food containers and refrigerators into textile products.

While extolling her own brand, Waste2Wear's USP, Monique Maissan said that her company has a blockchain technology. "It was a long route and I can actually only say that the last two years in which the last year was the biggest gross has been picking up. It was difficult to get the message across, now we are in 16 countries with our products and we are growing among different product groups in different diverse area," she said.

While asked on her possible rivals in the similar arena, she said that she never believes in rivals on the basis of saving the planet. "I only believe in partner and colleague because I think there is no rival or no competition on how to save the planet. If you ask me which the biggest colleagues in that market are, I would say that would be -- all great companies who comes with a part of a solution. We do a whole one-stop shop. They do sometimes only from pens to yarns, some other do from yarns to their product but they are all incredible fantastic important player in the field," she added.

According to Monique Maissan, Waste2Wear will continue to stay focussed on its core which is making textile products from plastics. In the last few years, the brand has been working with much more different free stock types of plastic, it is also looking today at the Christmas industry to make Christmas balls and Christmas trees. Currently, Waste2Wear is operating offices in Netherlands, China, India, Bangladesh, Singapore, Malaysia and UAE.

The India consumers are extremely acceptable, Maissan said. "I have the feeling that they will embrace it even quicker than the previous market that has been in."

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