Tamil Nadu Surfers Reign Supreme in Indian Open of Surfing

Tamil Nadu surfers dominated the Indian Open of Surfing at Sasihitlu beach, securing top positions in both men's and women's open categories. Sivaraj Babu achieved the highest score, bolstering the state's lead. Meanwhile, Kamali Moorthi excelled in the women's semifinals. The finals promise intense competition, particularly in the men's bracket.

PTI | Mangaluru | Updated: 01-06-2024 20:01 IST | Created: 01-06-2024 20:01 IST
Tamil Nadu Surfers Reign Supreme in Indian Open of Surfing
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In a stunning show of prowess, Tamil Nadu surfers continued their dominance on the second day of the Indian Open of Surfing, held at Sasihitlu beach near here. Securing all the top four final spots in the men's open category and two in the women's, Tamil Nadu's athletes emerge as formidable contenders.

Sivaraj Babu set the tone with the day's highest score of 15.17, reinforcing Tamil Nadu's supremacy. Joining him in the semis were Sanjaikumar S (12.83), Sanjay Selvamani (11.63), Ajeesh Ali (11.43), and others, all showcasing exceptional skill.

The day also saw fierce competition among under-16 boys and women surfers. Particularly noteworthy were Kamali Moorthi's impressive 11.23 points in the women's semifinals and Harish P's top score of 10.17 among the boys. Such compelling performances promise an electrifying finals day, brimming with high-stakes surfing action.

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