NASA's HERMES mission passes critical mission review; moves closer to 2024 launch

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NASA's HERMES mission passes critical mission review; moves closer to 2024 launch
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NASA's HERMES, an instrument package that will be placed upon the agency's Moon-orbiting Gateway, a vital part of the Artemis program, has passed a critical mission review, moving closer to the planned 2024 launch.

The critical mission review, Key Decision Point C, evaluated the mission's preliminary design and program plan to achieve launch by its target launch readiness date no earlier than November 2024, NASA said on Friday. With this successful review, the space weather monitor has now moved into Phase C includes the final design of the mission.

"HERMES will be a critical part of the Artemis mission and NASA's goals to create a permanent presence on the Moon. We're very excited to pass this critical milestone and move closer to launch," said Jamie Favors, HERMES program executive at NASA Headquarters in Washington, D.C.

HERMES or Heliophysics Environmental and Radiation Measurement Experiment Suite will be mounted outside the Habitation and Logistics Outpost module of NASA's Gateway outpost where Artemis astronauts will live and work as they orbit the Moon. The space weather instrument suite will monitor space weather including solar winds and coronal mass ejections, in an especially variable environment.

HERMES includes four instruments:

  • NEMISIS (Noise Eliminating Magnetometer Instrument in a Small Integrated System) - measures the magnetic fields around Gateway
  • Miniaturized Electron pRoton Telescope (MERiT) - measures ions and electrons
  • Electron Electrostatic Analyzer (EEA) - measures the lower-energy electrons that make up most of the solar wind
  • Solar Probe Analyzer for Ions (SPAN-I) - measures protons and ions including oxygen

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