Top 5 Instagram Video and Status Downloaders 2022

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Top 5 Instagram Video and Status Downloaders 2022
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We have listed the 5 best platforms for you to download Instagram videos. Learn about the main advantages and details of the platforms that are being used the most by users.

They are platforms where you can download Instagram reels, statuses, and live online from any device with or without an application. No internet connection is required to watch your favorite Instagram videos.

What are the 5 Best Programs to Download Instagram Videos?

We have reviewed the best programs for downloading Instagram videos. These are programs that thousands of users use every day to be able to save their content to watch offline.

  1. SSSGram

The best online downloader website used to download Instagram reels videos, post videos, story videos, and live videos is SSSGram. It has a wide variety of practical and simple-to-use features, where the user can make unlimited downloads without having to pay anything for it.

It has a modern interface and the function to download Instagram status, download photos, download long videos, download profile pictures from any account, and dozens of other content on Instagram online for free without any ads.

  1. Snaptube

Another big hit is the Snaptube app. Millions of users have already used this app to watch their videos offline. Download Instagram reels and status in high quality.

You have access to dozens of other platforms, and content sites to save on your device. However, this platform only works for Android applications, unlike SSSGram which works online.

  1. iGram

iGram is also a great platform for anyone looking to enjoy Instagram content offline. You can also download Carousel photos, which are galleries with multiple photos. The platform has several ads on the page, which hinders viewing a little.

  1. Save Instagram

The save-Instagram website is a convenient platform to use. You can download videos in a variety of ways, including Instagram highlights. Some information on the site appears duplicated and the organization of the information makes the view a little confusing.

  1. is an online platform where you can download content from YouTube and other platforms. One downside is that there are a lot of ads and you can end up clicking the wrong way and going to other pages.

They are practical platforms to use and with fantastic features. Learn how to use the most famous platform on the internet to watch your favorite content.

Here's How To Watch Videos and Reels Offline With SSSGram

Our top 1, SSSGram offers many possibilities for saving videos. See the ways you can download videos from reels, profiles, Status, Live, IG, photos from Profiles, etc.

You have all these possibilities on different devices. You can download content on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, and other operating systems you want.

All you need is a good browser and an internet connection when downloading. After the downloads, the internet will no longer be necessary to enjoy the content.

Here's how to download your favorite videos from Status, Post, and Reel in just a few steps.

Step 1: Have the Link to the Video You Want to Download

To start downloading, you need to open the video, regardless of Status, Post, or Reel, and copy its link.

  • For Status: Open the status you want to download and click the three dots button in the upper right corner. Choose the “Copy link” option from the pop-up menu, until the “Copied link” appears on the screen indicating the success of this step.

  • For Post: After opening Instagram, scroll down to find the post in video format. Also, tap the three dots icon and select “Link”.

  • For Reel: Click on the three dots icon in the lower right corner to get the URL by choosing “Link”.

Step 2: Paste the Link into the Online Platform

Then paste the link into the SSSGram online platform and click Download.

Step 3: Wait a few seconds to complete the download

After the videos are uploaded, click the Download button below the video you want. SSSGram will quickly start the download and a few seconds later, you can have the video Instagram to MP4 format and enjoy it as many times as you want.

You can do this process as many times as you like. Downloads are unlimited and you can download content at any time.


There are several ways you can download Instagram status. With the top 1, SSSGram, the possibilities are greater due to a large number of features, practicality, modernity, and all the security you need.

Have even more fun with the help of one of the biggest Instagram Video and Status Downloaders. Surprise yourself with SSSGram!

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