Microsoft Delays Controversial ‘Recall’ Feature for AI-Enhanced Windows PCs

Microsoft is postponing the release of its new Recall feature for Windows PCs, which had raised privacy and cybersecurity concerns. The feature, meant to enhance AI capabilities, will first be tested by a select group of users from the Windows Insider program to meet quality and security standards.

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Microsoft Delays Controversial ‘Recall’ Feature for AI-Enhanced Windows PCs
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Microsoft has announced a delay in the release of its highly anticipated Recall feature, which aims to enhance AI capabilities in Windows PCs. Originally set to ship next week, the feature raised significant privacy and cybersecurity concerns.

Recall was designed to periodically capture snapshots of computer screens, providing Microsoft's AI assistant Copilot with a 'photographic memory' to aid users in recalling previous activities. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella described it as a step toward AI systems that can anticipate user needs. However, broad availability is now postponed.

Instead, Recall will initially be available to a select group of Windows Insider software testers. Pavan Davaluri, Microsoft's corporate vice president of Windows and devices, assured that this move aims to ensure the feature meets the company's high standards for quality and security.

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