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Malawi suffering from severe crisis due to cholera

The number of people suffering from cholera has risen from 844 to 893 in March.

Malawi suffering from severe crisis due to cholera
The people are not being able to access the drinking water (Image Credit : cleanwaterordirtywater)

Malawi is suffering from a severe crisis to tackle the spread of cholera disease; the Health ministry of the country is not being able to control deaths caused by the disease. According to the report of Health Ministry of Malawi, the number of people suffering from cholera has risen from 844 to 893 in March.

The spokesperson of the Health Ministry of Malawi, Joshua Malango said that the cause of the cholera was heavy rainfall that is going on around the country, and the people are not being able to access the drinking water.

The main cause of the spread of the disease is due to the shallow and contaminated drinking water. It is recorded that number of people suffering from cholera has risen from 305 to 352 and the number of death also risen from 14 to 18 in the capital of the country, Lilongwe.

Joshua Malango also added that the changes in the number of people suffering from the disease and the number of deaths due to the disease have occurred during the period 26 March to 11 April.

The districts which were heavily hit by the disease are Karonga, Lilongwe, Salima, and Dedeza. Along with these places the cholera outbreak also hit Ruimhi, Likoma, Dowa, Nkhatabay, Nsanje, and Mulange.

The government and the Health Ministry is taking every measure they could to control the outbreak of disease and deaths caused by the disease.

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