Five Benefits of Playing Ludo Board Game Online

Nitin Rustagi | Updated: 26-11-2020 11:17 IST | Created: 26-11-2020 11:17 IST
Five Benefits of Playing Ludo Board Game Online

For Times immemorial, board games have always been a favorite pastime in every household. From kids to adults, these games hook in everybody's attention and interest. No get-together or house party would go complete without having a couple of board game challenges. Ludo game, snakes and ladders, chess, scrabble, and monopoly are among the most popular ones. Even though digitization has taken over the world, we make sure that the essence of these games remains intact in the online versions. While we are all caught up with our hectic and monotonous schedules, online versions of the nostalgic board games are everyone's go-to methods of entertainment and pastime. Moreover, these games also serve as mediums to improve both the mental and physical health of players. Mainly talking about the Ludo game, it is always amazing to know how such a simple board game could bring about so many benefits to the people. And, with the online version in hand, it is even more fun and challenging.

Here are some of the most apparent advantages or benefits of playing Ludo game online.

  • Ludo game triggers your cognitive abilities

In general, board games are beneficial in polishing your cognitive skills, thereby contributing to rapid brain development. And Ludo is no exception. Dealing with the dice's randomness, coping with unexpected opponent moves, and strategizing your pawn movements, all together, stimulate your brain cells for better performance. Moreover, it is even more challenging and competitive with online Ludo due to the game's unique algorithms and programming.

  • Improves your concentration power

Ludo requires the players to focus and concentrate on the game. One negligent move can put your chance of winning to risk; hence, it is pretty much essential to stay alert throughout the game. This, in turn, improves your concentration power and helps you stay attentive for more extended periods.

  • Helps to cope up with mental illnesses

Sadly mental health is often overlooked. Stress, anxiety, and depression are primary culprits that leave several people to suffer in silence. With the Ludo game and its likes, people suffering from mental health issues can find a way to work out through their stress, pressure, depression, and anxiety. These games are like breaths of fresh air, giving them a sense of relief during difficult times. 

A couple of minutes spent playing Ludo or any other board game, either online or on a physical board can relieve a lot of mental tension. Moreover, if it is an online game, then challenging virtual players from all over the world and winning exciting rewards will serve as a great motivation and relaxation. So whether it is your long-term mental suffering or just a casual tiresome day at work or home, a few minutes of playing Ludo with friends and family will help you ease all the trouble.

  • Teaches important life skills

Playing Ludo or any other strategy game will teach you a lot about personal skills or soft skills. Every time you play, you either win or lose. So coping with losses and not being too overwhelmed by success is one of the essential qualities you learn from playing the Ludo game. Sportsmanship, decision-making ability, and teamwork are other necessary attributes that you gain while playing these games.

  • A perfect family entertainer

What could be more fun than spending some quality time with your loved ones while playing a round or two of the Ludo game? Most of the time, we get so caught up with the obligatory duties that we forget to cherish our family time. . Hence, taking a little time off the daily hustle to spend time with your loved ones will bring unforgettable moments for a lifetime. So grab a few snacks, get everyone's favorite drinks, and play a few rounds of Ludo games  to enjoy a fun-filled day with your family 

Where can you play the online Ludo Game?

There are many Ludo apps available on both the play store and Apple app store to download for free. Ludo King, Ludo STAR, Ludo Skills, Ludo Classic, Pachisi STAR, etc. are some of the most popular and famous online Ludo games you can choose from. In addition to these, there are platforms like the MPL mobile game catering to people of all age groups with a wide range of exciting games, including online Ludo, which is, in fact, one of the most popular games on the website. 

MPL mobile game is one of the fastest-growing gaming platforms providing excellent opportunities for gamers to play and win huge cash prizes. So catch on some fun by playing Ludo and other games of your choice, with your family on MPL, and earn real money when you win. 

List of all board games you can play online on MPL mobile game

Apart from Ludo, here is a list of other fun games you can play online: 

  • Snakes and Ladders: Relish those old childhood memories by playing snakes and ladders online with friends from all around the world. 
  • Scrabble: Enhance your English language skills with an online scrabble competition and earn huge rewards upon winning.
  • Chess: Play the ancient game of chess online with loads of twists and exciting interfaces. Enter into local tournaments and competitions using the MPL mobile game app and win real money. 
  • Carrom: Unleash your special skills and shoot the coins right into the target holes. Online carrom is equally challenging and entertaining as the offline, physical game. 


Online board games are no less of a bounty if appropriately utilized. They don't just entertain but contribute towards an individual's development. However, anything in excess can leave you damaged. Spending a couple of minutes or maybe an hour or two at the most is sufficient to recharge yourself from the stress and get going with life. Without letting these games become an unhealthy obsession, playing in moderation will make them both entertaining and beneficial.

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