4 Best Research Paper Writing Services in the USA: An Experience-Based Review

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4 Best Research Paper Writing Services in the USA: An Experience-Based Review
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Writing a research paper is involving and demanding. Apart from requiring significant time and effort, students must plan for other vital issues such as access to resources, materials, and support. For learners juggling work, studies, and other commitments, finding the time to write a good paper can be tricky. Unfortunately, students sometimes have everything stuck against them, making it impossible to provide quality research papers. For an active college student, a night out with friends can turn into a three days break from classes as you nurse hangovers, fatigue, and malaise. While the time for socializing is critical for your health and well-being, the college program isn’t designed to create it. Consequently, it would be best if you planned yourself well. Yet, even the best planners and the most diligent students sometimes fail to meet all assignment deadlines. I have been there a few times. With the growing popularity of online research writing services, students battling tight deadlines are likely to seek help online. While this might seem the easier way out, there are numerous risks online that students should watch out for. From personal experiences, companies offering help in writing research papers are plentiful, but there are few legitimate ones. Having used the best research paper writing services for over 15 years, these are some of my worst experiences.

Scams: These companies persuade you to pay for services but will never deliver. Others will keep increasing their charges after accepting your orders. Furthermore, others will provide poor quality that can’t be submitted anywhere. Forget about their commitment or statement assuring you of a refund; it’s never enough. Always be vigilant.

Irresponsive: You would at least expect a company rep to get back to you after placing an order, right? These companies take decades to respond. It is worse when you have complaints.

Ambiguous payment demands: Imagine having your work delivered and then getting coerced for additional payment months later! They even threaten to expose your details online. Value your security and privacy enough to scrutinize online companies before engaging them.

Where to get reputable writing research papers help

I took a few months to review some of the online research companies that appear on Google’s top 50 search results. I also explored several student groups and communities onsocial media. Moreover, I spent nights on Reddit reading students’ complaints and

compliments about online companies. Added to my personal experiences, I developed a list of the best four research writing companies.

1. Customwritings

2. Fastessay

3. Domypapers

4. Affordablepapers


This is one of the oldest companies in the online writing industry. Customwritings has been in the industry for over 15 years, serving countless students. The company’s commitment to quality is reflected in its average customer return rate of 70% - the highest in the industry -and an average quality score of 8.5/10. Moreover, 98.8% of its orders have been delivered on time. The company’s customer-to-writer matching system is its most significant advantage. The system ensures that customers are matched with writers most qualified in their disciplines, ensuring that the highest quality is delivered. Furthermore, the matching system considers time zones, lowering the waiting time for responses between customers and writers. Such prime services should come at premium costs, but the company charges are astonishingly affordable. If you’re wondering how to write a proposal for a research paper, this is where to begin.


This is where to go if you want to quickly deliver your proposal or research paper. Fastessay is positioned as a fast and reliable partner in your research journey. The company has the most straightforward ordering process, saving precious minutes for other essential tasks. It also boasts a team of over 700 highly qualified writers in different disciplines and academic levels. Most importantly, you have the freedom to choose your writer, putting you in complete control of your work. If you’re a new customer, they’ll give you selected samples from a few top writers to help you make an informed choice. The flexibility of the company’s deadline policy is quite interesting. Trust me; you can get an order delivered in under four hours. They’re lightning fast! If you need any help in writing a research paper, don’t hesitate to contact them.


While domypapers appears third on this list, it is one of the best online writing companies I have ever used. Unlike the rest, it focuses on research papers of all types and levels. We all recognize that writing research papers is more demanding than writing college essays. Apart from producing research papers of the highest quality, the company is committed to original and will provide a full refund in case of plagiarism. Domypapers provides its customers with rich materials and samples that can help them understand how to write a proposal for a research paper. So, if you need some guided assistance, you can still rely on their website. I also noticed that the company has a multi-level quality assurance system that works almost seamlessly. You’ll not notice it until you need some revision or clarifications. Only then will you realize that your papers go through editors, proofreaders, and mentors to ensure strict compliance with the company’s quality standards. Your chosen format will also be strictly adhered to, whether MLA, APA or Chicago referencing styles.


Spiraling college debts and the high cost of leaving make saving exceedingly crucial for students. Affordablepapers is a gift to college students globally. The company has found a unique balance between keeping its services affordable and maintaining quality simultaneously. It is often hard to expect top quality when paying peanuts. I can’t put my hands on the magic they’re performing over there, but I gave up every other website for them. It’s been six months, and I haven’t been disappointed. Usually, I take over a year before I can recommend a website, but I had to make an exception here. Apart from the affordable prices, the company has several offers that lower its prices further. Not to mention that its standard PPP begins at $7. I lack words to describe their support team, who are always available to help whenever and wherever you try reaching them. Furthermore, they can help you at any stage of your writing process, whether you need to start from scratch, write acknowledgment in a research paper, or edit your complete article. As already acknowledged, myriads of challenges come with college life. There's always something on your plate, from studying for exams to making new friends. However, it's important to remember that everything will be okay. In a fast-paced and ever-changing world, it’s reassuring to know that there are still things in life that take time and effort to mature and blossom into beautiful results. You’re going to hack it!

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