Black Clover Chapter 303 is on break but can Nozel beat Megicula?

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Black Clover Chapter 303 is on break but can Nozel beat Megicula?
Black Clover Chapter 303 is on a hiatus and will be delayed for a week. Image Credit: Facebook / Black Clover
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The Japanese manga Black Clover has gathered many readers throughout the world. After completing 300 chapters, the manga is all set to release its chapter 303.

In Chapter 302, Noelle transforms into her Saint Stage, and Asta gives a standing ovation from behind. Valkyrie reminds Noelle that they don't have much energy in store to fight with the entire gang. However, Noelle is more confident.

Now fans are quite excited to know what the next installment has in store. But it looks like readers have to wait a week longer to see the fight of Spade Kingdom. That's because Black Clover Chapter 303 is on a hiatus and will be delayed for a week.

In the last installment, Asta is taking rest, while the Devil Union regains its strength. Noelle asked Asta to take care of Lolopechka. Noelle and Udine do not want to fight with Megicula, to stop Megicula from destroying everything at the same time. Noelle realizes her Saint power is not enough to kill all the soldiers. To help Noelle, Rill uses Picture Magic: Monster of Valhalla while Charlotte uses a "Special Anti Curse Attack."

The Moster of Valhalla begins to kill the soldiers as the trio advances to face Supreme Devil Megicula. Rill decided to help the trio out with the help of his magic spells. Charlotte releases a superpower against Megicula, named "True Briar Magic: Crimson Vine Spear."

The battle is in a severe stage and gets interesting. Megicula is surprised that humans are exceeding their limit to try their level best. She strengthens her army, which switches the barrage to the opponents. She knows the humans will attack with full force to stop the army.

While Noelle destroying the monsters, Rill warns Noelle to be careful. Suddenly a gigantic beast arrives; however, Luck kills the reinforcement with a single slash. Earlier, Luck told Noelle that he would clear her path when she would be in danger. Noelle is glad to see Luck is working as he said. Rill praised Luck.

In the meantime, Gaja wakes up and wonders whether he is still alive. Megicula is shocked that humans are destroying her minions. She finds Noelle proceeding at top speed and destroying the barriers to come closer to Megicula. The Devil reminds Noelle that she is still stronger than the humans.

At the moment, Noelle is about to attack Megicula, she announces that they have reached the dead-end and vanishes. Suddenly, Nozel arrives to confront Megicula. Black Clover Chapter 303 is likely to show Nozel entering the battlefield to face the Devil, which is not going to be easy.

In Black Clover Chapter 303, Noelle would take rest. Now it's time to see whether Nozel can beat Megicula.

Black Clover Chapter 303 is scheduled to release on August 22, 2021. All the chapters of Black Clover are available online on MangaPlus and Viz Media apps and platforms. Stay tuned to get more updates on the Japanese manga series.

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