Virgin River Season 5 release date, storyline & cast! Here’s everything we know

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Virgin River Season 5 release date, storyline & cast! Here’s everything we know
The fourth season ended with Charmaine (Lauren Hammersly) revealing that Jack (Martin Henderson) is not the father of her twins. Image Credit: Netflix
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<p>Netflix&rsquo;s Virgin River Season 4 left fans with major cliffhangers, which means there could be a fifth season. The fourth season ended with Charmaine (Lauren Hammersly) revealing that Jack (Martin Henderson) is not the father of her twins.</p> <p>In addition, it is also revealed that the real honcho is a woman named Melissa, who is the sister of Nick (Keith MacHechnie), an investor in Jack&rsquo;s new business. Another big question is whether Vince (played by Steve Bacic) is dead or just unconscious, after Preacher killing him. Season four also revealed Doc's grandson Denny is suffering from Huntington&rsquo;s disease (which the NHS describe as "a condition that stops parts of the brain working properly over time"). It&rsquo;s really sad he doesn&rsquo;t want to plan a better future with Lizzie.</p> <p>Here&rsquo;s everything we gathered on Virgin River Season 5!</p> <p><strong>Virgin River Season 5 Release date</strong></p> <p>Filming for Virgin River Season 5 commenced in July, 2022, so it is not expected to come before 2023. If you look at the previous release records, the first season was dropped in December 2019, Season 2 in November 2020, Season 3 in July 2021, and the fourth season came in July 2022. Therefore we have to wait for 2023 July.</p> <p><strong>What to expect from Virgin River Season 5</strong></p> <p><em>Spoilers alert: This article may contain Virgin River Season 5 spoilers</em></p> <p>Alexandra Breckenridge and Martin Henderson spoke to several media about the upcoming plot of the series. Jack will try to heal himself mentally and focus on the family and the babies.</p> <p>Henderson said to Entertainment Tonight, "I feel like now Mel and Jack have an opportunity to just focus on them and their baby and their life and there&rsquo;s so much hope in that. There&rsquo;s a lot of possibility"</p> <p>In the reaction to <strong>the baby news</strong>, Breckendridge said to TV Guide "I think Mel feels, obviously, lied to and betrayed," Breckendridge said. "I'm sure there's an underlying sense of relief that she probably will never talk about with Jack. I think Jack is absolutely devastated because he really invested in these children. It's crushing for him."</p> <p>She also revealed that <strong>twins' paternity</strong> might cause some trouble in their life. "It's just trying to cope with it. &ldquo;</p> <p>"I think that they have dealt with so much already in the very short time that they have known each other and started their relationship. I am sure it's going to create some tension between them."</p> <p>&ldquo;I am sure it's going to create some tension between them," she explained. "It's just trying to cope with it. The reality of that is huge. If someone lies to you and says five months into her pregnancy, 'Oh no, by the way, they aren't yours.' That is huge, massive. So they're going to have to deal with that, as anybody would, but I don't think it's going to damage their relationship," Breckendridge explained.</p> <p>While talking about <strong>Melissa, the fentanyl kingpin</strong>, she is involved in the drug business. But the question is whether Nick is also in the drug business, which is Jack&rsquo;s new project. In that case, fans will be surprised if Jack gets involved in it because as we all know he is an honest person.</p> <p>Breckenridge informed TV Guide that the particular piece of the plot will take an interesting turn in Virgin River Season 5.</p> <p>Breckenridge said, "It's an interesting twist. Jack and Mel are such honest people that I'm surprised," "I'm really curious to know if Nick knows that Melissa is a fentanyl kingpin. I don't actually know that. Obviously, Nick has invested in this airstream glamping business that Jack is starting, so I think Melissa may become a part of that. How that ties into any danger for Jack and Mel, I don't know!"</p> <p><strong>Virgin River Season 5 cast</strong></p> <p>Alexandra Breckenridge (Mel) and Martin Henderson (Jack) are confirmed to return in Virgin River Season 5. We could expect Colin Lawrence (Preacher), Lauren Hammersley (Charmaine), Tim Matheson (Vernon, or &ldquo;Doc&rdquo;), Annette O&rsquo;Toole (Hope), Jenny Cooper (Joey), Lexa Doig (Paige), Ben Hollingsworth (Brady), Daniel Gillies (Mark), Zibby Allen (Brie), Sarah Dugdale (Lizzie) and Nicola Cavendish (Connie) in the fifth season.</p> <p>You can watch Virgin River Season 1 to Season 4 on Netflix, which is streaming now!</p> <p>Stay tuned to Devdiscourse for more updates on Netflix romantic series.</p> <p><strong>Also Read: <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Reality behind Kristen Bell's announcement on Frozen 3 revealed! How far is it true?</a></strong></p>
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