Violet Evergarden Season 2: Everything you need to know

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Violet Evergarden Season 2: Everything you need to know
The story follows Violet Evergarden's journey to make her way into society after the war is over. Image Credit: Violet Evergarden /
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Violet Evergarden is an all-time-hit Japanese anime series loved by millions of people worldwide. Since it was released in 2018, the anime had hit home with many and was critically acclaimed, receiving positive reviews throughout the globe.

Violet Evergarden series is taken from the Japanese light novel written by Kana Akatsuki and illustrated by Akiko Takase. Shinichiro Hatta, Shinichi Nakamura, KazusaUmeda and Shigeru Saito were the producers of the series.

No strange fans are eager for Violet Evergarden Season 2 since 2018. Although there are no words from the makers but they presented two movies namely “Violet Evergarden: Eternity and the Auto Memory Doll” and “Violet Evergarden: The Movie.” Thanks to Netflix for acquiring the right to stream the series worldwide.  While the film gratifies fans' craving to some extent, they are still waiting for the series, aka Violet Evergarden Season 2.

In 2020, several media reports said that the script for Violet Evergarden Season 2 is underway. The anime was planned to be dropped by the end of 2021 or early 2022. But the production for Season 2 was halted due to the deadly COVID-19 pandemic. At present, there is no update the second season.

Violet Evergarden Season 2 is yet to be announced but it was never officially canceled. If we consider all the factors such as its popularity, rating, profitability and reviews, then it is likely that the series will hit the small screens in the future.

Violet Evergarden's journey to make her way into society after the war is over. Professor Orlando creates an Auto Memory Doll for her novelist wife who became blind and could not write anymore. The Doll meant to register everything said by a human voice.

The story follows Violet a soldier in the Leidenschaftlich Army who served under Major Gilbert Bougainvillea, to who she was utterly devoted. The first season mostly shows Violet on the battlefield. She successfully managed to defeat the enemies without killing them. While trying to adapt herself to society, she is no longer a soldier, and to understand the last words of her guardian and mentor, Major Gilbert had told her "I Love You."

Later she joined the CH postal company which acts as a private mail and ghostwriting service. She then witnesses the Auto Memory Dolls of the ghostwriting department writing a letter for an illiterate man who wants to proclaim his love to someone. Violet then remembers that "I love you" were the last words Gilbert had told her.

The story ends with some unanswered questions. Fans are wondering if Major Gilbert will be seen in Violet Evergarden Season 2 through flashbacks, as he was executed in the first season. It is still a mystery whether he is dead or not. Furthermore, there are many plots where the story could expand.

We can wait for Violet Evergarden Season 2, as Netflix picked the series, the streamer might plan to come forward with it. For that, we have to wait for the official announcement. Stay tuned to get more updates on the Japanese light novel anime series.

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