Black Clover Chapter 339 will return after a week's break! Explore the plotline

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Black Clover Chapter 339 will return after a week's break! Explore the plotline
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While fans are eagerly waiting for more on the Land of the Sun, unfortunately, the manga Black Clover Chapter 339 will be on hiatus. Thankfully fans do not have to wait long as the creator is taking only a week's break.

Each chapter of the final saga is featuring an exciting plot and ends with nail-biting moments. The previous chapters show how Lucius Zograt is declaring war against humanity. The entire world is shocked by the news that the Wizard King is the enemy. Yuno and others are afraid the war could be deadly for Asta, as he cannot enter the shadow. Although Yuno proceeds to save him but one of the Black Bull members Nacht Faust informed Asta is dead. He tried to locate his friend.

Asta is found in Hino Country and healed by RyuyaRyudo, the Shogun of the country which is far away from the Clover Kingdom. Asta must take rest as prescribed by RyuyaRyudo, Yami's friend. He also healed Liebe who is also recovering somewhere. Asta wants to know more about the mysterious shogun who saved him after Sister Lily's deadly attack. Asta also came to know that the man was a friend of Yami.

In Black Clover Chapter 338, Ryudo decides to take Asta on a small town tour. Asta feels excited after observing things that he has never seen in his own country. Ryudo explains that the people of his country use scrolls instead of grimoires and use sorcery instead of magic. Suddenly, Ryudo moves two civilians out of the way, and in an instant, the town gets raided by the bandits.

Ryuga tells the robbers that he has no Yoryoku at all, as he instantly saves individuals. Ryudo does not have magic, just like Asta. Soon a girl arrives and saves them. Ryudo reveals that the girl is Ichika, the younger sister of Yami.

Black Clover Chapter 339 will showcase more on Ryudo, the mysterious shogun. Ryudo is aware of the recent ongoing fight in the Clover Kingdom. Black Clover Chapter 339 might focus on the training session of Asta. The spoilers and the raw scan for the upcoming chapter are yet to be revealed. We will get back with the Black Clover Chapter 339 spoilers and the raw scans as soon as they come.

Black Clover Chapter 338 will be officially released on Sunday, October 2, 2022. You can read the manga chapters online for free from Shonen Jump, Viz Media, and Manga Plus apps and websites. Stay tuned to Devdiscourse to get the latest updates on Japanese manga chapters.

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