Yumi’s Cells Season 3 renewal updates, what you can expect from it!

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Yumi’s Cells Season 3 renewal updates, what you can expect from it!
Yumi's Cells Season 2 featured Yumi as grown-up and more mature than before. Image Credit: Yumi's Cells / TvN
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The K-drama lovers are ardently waiting for Yumi’s Cells Season 3. Fans are waiting to see a perfect partner for Kim Yumi (played by Kim Go-eun) in the third outing of the series. Watching fans’ craze on Yumi’s cells Season 3 after the conclusion of the second season, the production team responded about the third season.

“We’re thankful that viewers have expectations for season 3 as much as they have loved seasons 1 and 2. The second season has just ended, and the seasons require a long production time, so the production team needs to take a break first. Season 3 will be discussed after that,” noted Soompi in July.

Based on the eponymous webtoon, the K-drama Yumi’s Cells is directed by Lee Sang-yeob. The series premiered in 2021 and was praised by audiences and critics alike.

The story depicts a cell-based psychological romance that unravels the daily life of an ordinary office worker Yumi (played by Kim Go-eun). The drama is shown from the perspective of the brain cells in her head that control her every thought, feeling and action. Yumi is an ordinary woman. Her love cells fall into a coma every time she failed making any love relationship. Season 1 shows her relationship with Goo Woong (Ahn Bo-hyun) is a game developer and an engineer to the core.

Yumi's Cells Season 2 featured Yumi as grown-up and more mature than before. After parting with Goo Woong, she starts a new relationship with her co-worker, Yoo Babi (Jinyoung). But they start to have issues after some time when he doesn't tell her the truth about certain things. Yumi Cells Season 2 ends with the biggest cliffhanger.

The finale of Yumi's Cells Season 2 teases a new character called Soonrok who appears as an employee of a publishing company in charge of Yumi's works. Many think Soonrok could be Yumi's final love. Soonrok is a sharp and professional worker who does not talk much and describes only what is required.

Who could play Soonrok in Yumi’s Cell Season 3? Producer Lee Sang-yeob and Writer Song Jae-jung talked to Koreaboo about the possibility of Yumi's Cells Season 3.

"I can't speak too definitely about season three. As the original work is so amazing, it was worth adapting it into a drama but also, because the original webtoon was too famous, I couldn't help but be nervous. If we do a third season, I think that we will need more twists for Soon Rok. While we will retain his character, we will use plot twists to show the other relationships," said Lee Sang-yeob and Song Jae-jung.

"Since we've not yet decided on things, we can't tell you [who we think should play Soon Rok]. But if we end up doing season three, we'd have to discuss it again. As everyone knows, the cast for season two had to be prepared carefully as the moment we mention who's casted, things blew up quickly.”

I remember that while we were planning things, we hilariously mentioned that because both Ahn Bo Hyun for season one and Jinyoung in season two did so well that we'd have to bring over Timothée Chalamet or someone of that standard for season three," they explained.

They continued, "Soon Rok isn't perfect. He's tall and is handsome but he hides it. He's someone that knows how precious the things he likes are, so I hope that the actor that plays him will be someone that can pull this off well."

Yumi’s Cells Season 3 is yet to be official! We will come back with every update as soon as we get anything new on the series. Stay tuned to Devdiscourse for more updates.

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