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One Piece Chapter 962 spoilers – Shogun Orochi revealed as servant to Oden’s uncle Yasuie

One Piece Chapter 962 spoilers – Shogun Orochi revealed as servant to Oden’s uncle Yasuie
The imminent One Piece Chapter 962 will continue dealing with Oden’s story, the character who was speculated to defeat the Mountain God. Image Credit: Facebook / One Piece

One Piece Chapter 962 is going to be quite interesting and fans are ardently looking forward to its release after getting a glimpse of Oden's surprising and overwhelming skills in the recent installment. The imminent chapter will have flashback stories in Wano, mainly disclosing Shogun Orochi's past.

One Piece Chapter 962 manga will focus on Oden. One Piece Chapter 961 focussed on the destruction caused by the Mountain God on the Flower Capital in search of its missing child. Many people did put the blame on Oden for stealing the white pig that compelled the Mountain God to come down to the city and cause destruction.

The imminent One Piece Chapter 962 will continue dealing with Oden's story, the character who was speculated to defeat the Mountain God. A part of it emerged true, but the real fact is Oden lied and took the blame for everything that happened instead of taking the commendations of protecting the capital by getting triumph over the behemoth Mountain God. The imminent chapter will continue on Oden who is banished from the Land of Wano as Kozuki Sukiyaki thinks he has caused the havoc.

However, Oden gets the admiration for saving lives. Although numerous houses have been destroyed, the people were still alive inside the belly of the Mountain God. Oden recovers all of them with no casualty. But Oden is being ostracized from the Flower Capital by the Shogun with the false blame that he stole the white pig from the Mountain God. He sees Shimotsuki Yasuie on his way to Hakumai. Kin'emon and Denjiro decided to follow Oden and become his retainers.

One Piece Chapter 962 will feature the conversation between Oden and Yasuie. He (Yasuie) is actually Oden's uncle. But the biggest surprise was the revelation that Orochi previously used to be Yasuie's humble servant.

The imminent chapter is expected to reveal through flashback stories to focus on Orochi's character from being the servant who would lie down on a puddle so Oden would not step on it, EconoTimes noted.

One Piece Chapter 962 is slated to be released on November 17, 2019. The scans will be out by November 15. Stay tuned to Devdiscourse to get the latest updates on the manga and anime.



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