Gorakhpur students invent smart jackets to help women repel bad touch

After wearing the smart jacket, when the system is turned on, an electric shock ranging from 200 to 4000 volts is exerted, in case an intruder tries to touch or hold the person with the jacket on.

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Gorakhpur students invent smart jackets to help women repel bad touch
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Students from the Institute of Technology and Management (ITM) in Gorakhpur have come up with a smart solution to prevent crime against women with the help of a smart jacket which, when flipped on, jolts a potential abuser, quite literally. Speaking about this new piece of innovation, Vineet Rai, a professor at the institute, told ANI, "This jacket has been designed to commemorate the 'International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women'.'

"After the smart jacket is worn and the in-built electrical system is activated, it could produce electric shocks, ranging from 200 to 4000 volts, should anyone try to lay his hand on a woman wearing it," Rai added. "The jacket also comes equipped with a miniature camera for live recording if a woman is subjected to a crime," the professor further informed.

One of the students who invented the jacket said, "The purpose of designing this jacket is to ensure the safety of women, who come home late night from their workplaces. It has been observed that women working late shifts often fear for their safety while making it back home. With this smart jacket, they can go anywhere at any time without fearing for their security." "Often, there are complaints of people trying to touch women inappropriately. This jacket is designed to teach a lesson to such people," another student, who was part of the group of innovators, said.

To make this smart jacket, the students said they used wires, sensors, transmitters, cameras, batteries, Bluetooth microphones and metal sheets. For the safety of users, two cameras have been installed -- on the front and back sides of the jacket, one of the students informed. Shikha Maurya, also a part of the group of students wh came up with this smart jacket, said, "This jacket has a battery attached to the metal sheet at the back. If someone attacks us from behind, he will receive electric shocks. Shocks can be of high as well as low voltage based on the settings".

"If a woman wearing this jacket is targeted by an abuser, the whole incident will be recorded by the in-built cameras and the footage can be played later after connecting the device to Wi-Fi," she added. On the intensity of the shock generated by the device, another student said, "The shocks won't cause death from electrocution but they will pack enough power to jolt an attacker, giving enough time to the victim to get away safely." (ANI)

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