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Arlington shooting: Heavy police presence in Virginia county; people evacuated

Arlington shooting: Heavy police presence near the Ballston Common Mall in Virginia county.

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Updated: 15-09-2019 08:33 IST
Arlington shooting: Heavy police presence in Virginia county; people evacuated

There is a heavy police presence near Ballston Quarter in Virginia after reports of Arlington shooting, according to media reports. The Arlington County Police Department has confirmed that they are conducting a search after report of a possible shooting inside a movie theatre at the Ballston Quarter but have not located any victims or evidence yet.

Arlington Now reports that panic about Arlington shooting spread after a group of teens started shouting about a possible shooter. The incident triggered panic and prompted people to "flee and hide."

UPDATE: Arlington Police has said that people sheltering in place have been evacuated and no evidence of shooting has been found yet. The investigations are still underway and a helicopter has joined the operation.

Arlington Now reports that roads leading to the mall were blocked by the police due to possible threat.

Update 2: Police says that there was still no evidence of a shooting but the search operation is being continued in Ballston Quarter building. Also adding that one individual suffered a minor injury while self evacuating the building, no other injuries have been reported.

Update 3: Arlington police has said that they are still investigating the reports of shooting although no evidence has been found yet.

Further details about Arlington shooting are awaited.

This is a developing story and will be updated shortly.

COUNTRY : United States