"Donald Trump failed America", says Joe Biden after ex-president announces he will run again

United States President Joe Biden alleged that during Trump's rule there were "tax cuts for the rich and corporators", "record-breaking unemployment", "worst job report on record".

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"Donald Trump failed America", says Joe Biden after ex-president announces he will run again
Former US President Donald Trump (left) US President Joe Biden . Image Credit: ANI
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US president Joe Biden on Wednesday reacted to former president Donald Trump's announcement of another White House bid in the upcoming 2024 elections by saying the Republican had "failed" his country while in office. "Donald Trump failed America," Trump said in a tweet from Indonesia's Bali where is attending the G20 Summit.

In a video accompanying his tweet, Biden alleged that during Trump's rule there were "tax cuts for the rich and corporators," "record-breaking unemployment", "worst job report on record". https://twitter.com/JoeBiden/status/1592704151384985602?s=20&t=vYVGMGq7zUaRMaHDzHaygA

According to the US President, Trump is the only President to leave office with fewer jobs than when he took office. He said the Trump administration asked the Supreme Court to overturn the Affordable Care Act, which was an "attack" on the healthcare sector, leaving 23 million Americans without coverage.

Biden further claimed that Trump "coddled" extremists and attacked women's rights in the case of the "abortion" rule. Trump wanted "punishment" for abortion. The US President accused the Republican leader of "inciting" violence reminding people of the January 6 Capitol attack.

CNN reported on Wednesday that Trump filed his documents establishing his candidacy to run for the presidency again in 2024. The announcement comes after the mid-term elections held in the US.

Democrats have been leading in 50 seats of the US Senate while Republicans continue to take lead in 49 seats, The Washington Post reported. Democrats have been leading in 207 seats while Republicans have been leading in 217 seats in the US House. Trump in recent months has been hinting that he would run in the presidential elections.

Addressing a rally in Iowa recently, Trump had said, "I will very, very probably do it again," CBS News reported. Trump in the aftermath of the midterms admitted that his party had faced a "somewhat disappointing" outcome and has already moved on. The former US President has set his eyes on winning a second term in Washington as he made a statement regarding two GOP governors Ron DeSantis of Florida and Glenn Youngkin of Virginia who could challenge his status as the party's anchor in the coming months, CNN reported.

Making a statement regarding Glenn Youngkin, Donald Trump in a post on Truth Social said, "I Endorsed him, did a very big Trump Rally for him telephonically, got MAGA to Vote for him - or he couldn't have come close to winning." Notably, Donald Trump lost to US President Joe Biden in the presidential elections held in 2020. He and his supporters have not acknowledged the results and are accused of voter fraud. (ANI)

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