China interrupts Dolkun Isa at UNHRC on issue of Uyghurs, allowed to speak after US and Eritrea's support

China at the UNHRC interrupted Uyghur Congress President Dolkun Isa from making his statement about human rights situation of Uyghurs in

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China interrupts Dolkun Isa at UNHRC on issue of Uyghurs, allowed to speak after US and Eritrea's support
China interrupts Uyghur Congress President Dolkun Isa at UNHRC. Image Credit: ANI
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At the United Nations Human Rights Council, China interrupted Uyghur Congress president Dolkun Isa as he started speaking about the grim human rights situation of Uyghurs in Beijing. Dolkun Isa welcomed the High Commission's decision to raise the issue of Uyghurs.

However, soon Chinese diplomat interrupted his speech and UN Human Rights Council President Vaclav Balek allowed China to make its statement. The Chinese diplomat said Dolkun Isa is not a representative of "so-called NGO" and called him "anti-China and separatist, violent element." The Chinese diplomat at the UNHRC said, "President, we have reason to challenge the qualification of that speaker. He is not the representative of a so-called NGO, still less human rights defender. Rather, he is an anti-China and separatist violent element."

"Allowing him to engage in separatist activities in the Council would be a serious violation of the purposes and principles of the UN Charter as well as the rules of procedure of the Human Rights Council. We will request, Mr. President, to terminate the statement of that speaker and request the Secretariat to verify his qualification," Chinese diplomat further said. After the Chinese diplomat's remarks, the United Nations asked the United States to make a statement. Supporting Dolkun Isa at the UNHRC, the US diplomat said that the speaker should be allowed to complete their presentation.

The US envoy said, "Without addressing the substance of the Speaker's statement, we are of the opinion that what we have heard of the intervention thus far is addressed to the subject matter at hand before this Council. And we ask that you rule that the speaker be allowed to finish their presentation." Eritrea's envoy said, "Well I believe form for NGOs with civil status...status and it should be the platform for those who have been allowed to continue on the steel operations. If there is a proof on that one, and we have already raised this matter before in several instances, I think it would be incumbent on us that the Secretary has to verify the identity of those people who are abusing the platform."

After US and Eritrea supported Dolkun Isa, the UN offical allowed the Uyghur activist to make his remarks. He said, "The increased call from the UN special rapporteur and several reports on the crime against the humanity and genocide perpetuated against the Uyghur and the Turk Muslim including high Commissioner report required immediate and urgent attention of this council last October ....decision merely calling for debate on the human rights tuition in the region." Dolkun Isa noted that many member states had voiced against and abstained on the poll. He said, "Many member states have voiced against and abstained with the poll that this Council was unable to support this case decision, and we strongly condemn that country who blocks this proposal, particularly leading OIC state."

In his remarks at the UNHRC, Dolkun Isa lauded Somali for voting in favour in the poll. He spoke about the policy implemented by China with regards to Uyghurs. He said, "We uphold Somali for being only Muslim Council member to vote in favour. Last month during the UN. ..revealed on China government admits that Uyghurs and other two people are sent to the camp for minor offences that are not considered other crimes."

He further said, "Official leaked document indicates this individual are baying several links sentenced to charge related to terrorism and the separatism, including my two own brothers, Yalkun and Isandokstar. Isa. We remind this council that the extremification policy implemented by the Chinese government are not proportional and legal necessarily. Lastly, we call on the High Commissioner to brief this council." (ANI)

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