Shocking Kidnapping Scandal: Four Police Officers Arrested in Manila

Four police officers in the Philippine capital have been arrested for kidnapping four foreign tourists, including three Chinese and a Malaysian. The kidnappers demanded a 2.5-million-peso ransom, leading to their arrest. Former President Duterte's controversial police force is under scrutiny once again.

PTI | Manila | Updated: 05-06-2024 14:05 IST | Created: 05-06-2024 14:05 IST
Shocking Kidnapping Scandal: Four Police Officers Arrested in Manila
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In a startling development, four police officers assigned to the Philippine capital region have been detained for allegedly kidnapping four foreign tourists, authorities reported Wednesday.

According to police, two officers on motorcycles flagged down a luxury car carrying three Chinese nationals and one Malaysian over the weekend. They, along with civilian accomplices, forced the tourists into a van. Two of the Chinese tourists managed to escape and informed the authorities, who intervened. The remaining captives were subjected to physical abuse but were ultimately freed after the payment of a 2.5-million-peso (USD 43,100) ransom.

Interior Secretary Benhur Abalos revealed that information from the freed tourists and CCTV footage led to the arrest of the four officers, one of whom held the rank of police major. "I was shocked that policemen were the ones involved," Abalos stated during a press conference, where the accused were presented in handcuffs and detainee uniforms. "This incident is a serious breach of public trust and core values of the police force."

Police are still searching for at least 10 other suspects, who are civilians, implicated in the kidnapping. Criminal complaints for kidnapping, carjacking, and robbery have been filed against the detained officers.

This scandal has reignited concerns stemming from former President Rodrigo Duterte's tenure, during which he labeled many of the country's 230,000 police officers as "rotten to the core." Duterte's administration, known for its brutal anti-drug campaign, has been under International Criminal Court scrutiny for alleged crimes against humanity.

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