Google doodle celebrates Serbia’s National Day!

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Google doodle celebrates Serbia’s National Day!
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Happy dan državnosti Srbije! (Happy Serbian Statehood Day!)

Today Google Doodle celebrates Serbia's National Day which is also known as Statehood Day or Sovereignty Day. National Day is a public national holiday, and official celebrations last for two days, every February 15.

Serbian celebrated this day to commemorate the outbreak of the First Serbian Uprising in 1804, which evolved into the Serbian Revolution against Ottoman rule.

The revolution ultimately resulted in the recognition of Serbia's National by the Ottoman Empire (formally in 1817, de jure in 1835). On the same day in 1835, during the rule of Miloš Obrenović, the first modern Serbian constitution was adopted in Kragujevac, known as the Sretenje Constitution or 'Candlemas Constitution'.

National Day is celebrated as one of the most culturally and historically significant days for Serbia, Statehood Day was first recognized as a national holiday in 2001. Based on local traditions, many citizens believe if it is cloudy on Statehood Day, the final days of winter will be beautiful, but if the skies are clear, the rest of the season will be cold and blustery.

Source: Google doodles / Wikipedia

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