Brazil Independence Day 2022 is in today’s Google doodle

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Brazil Independence Day 2022 is in today’s Google doodle
Brazil is known as the Coffee Pot of the World. Image Credit: Google doodles
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Today's Doodle celebrates the 200th anniversary of Brazil's independence, which marks the country's declaration of independence from Portugal, which took place on September 7, 1822. Years later, with the signing of the Treaty of Rio de Janeiro in 1825, Brazil finally received formal recognition of its sovereignty.

Independence Day is a national holiday marked by patriotic displays and military parades in most Brazilian cities. Brazil Day today is the 200th anniversary of the Independence that the country achieved from its Colonial master Portugal.

In 1808, French troops commanded by Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte invaded Portugal as a retaliation for the Iberian country's refusal to participate in the trade embargo against the United Kingdom. Fleeing persecution, the Portuguese monarchs transferred the Portuguese Court from Lisbon to Rio de Janeiro, then the capital of Colonial Brazil.

 In 1815, Prince Regent John VI created the United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil and the Algarves, elevating Brazil to the rank of the kingdom and increasing its administrative independence. Brazil, Portugal, and Great Britain were the three major contributors to the Independence of Brazil all three motivated by the circumstances peculiar to each. Brazil's Independence was ultimately won through diplomacy after three years of war against Portugal.

In Brasília, the national celebration takes place at the Ministries Esplanade with a civil-military parade in the presence of the President of Brazil, who is Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces. Around 30,000 people attend the event each year, which costs about one million reais. Similar military and civil parades are held in all the state capitals and many major cities throughout the country.

Brazil is known as the Coffee Pot of the World. Brazil produces and exports the most coffee beans globally, from a moderate flavor to a dark roast.

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