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Goa DGP backs traffic sentinels

PTI panaji
Updated: 05-02-2019 18:56 IST
Goa DGP backs traffic sentinels

Goa DGP Muktesh Chander Tuesday appealed to the Goans not to oppose traffic sentinels who are keeping vigil on various traffic violations. He also stressed upon the need to wear helmet citing death of 182 two-wheeler riders in various road accidents in Goa last year.

Addressing a gathering of police personnel and journalists, the DGP sarcastically said those who don't believe in wearing a helmet can consider "donating their organs, so that they can be beneficial to someone else after their death". The police chief was upset over increasing opposition to the Traffic Sentinel Scheme wherein a civilian can capture traffic rule violation on mobile phone and send the picture to police department for appropriate action.

"If you don't believe wearing a helmet then say so. Why to blame traffic sentinels? This is a serious paradox which I fail to understand. Which one is more important? Screen of mobile phone or your head? We all put screen guards but we don't want to put helmet. Still you don't want to believe in helmet as if your head is made of iron," the DGP said.

The Goa Legislative Assembly recently resolved against Traffic Sentinels..