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BJP government in Gujarat declares "war against corruption"

BJP government in Gujarat declares "war against corruption"

Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani on Thursday said his government has started a "war against corruption" in the BJP-ruled state. In a video message released on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, Rupani said the government is introducing technology to curb corruption.

The opposition Congress slammed Rupani for releasing the video on social media and alleged his entire government is "corrupt". My government has started a war on corruption in the state, Rupani said in around 7-minute-long video addressed to the people of Gujarat.

The idea is to rein in corruption. Action is being taken against corrupt officersand at the same time we are trying to change governance pattern using technology to curb corruption, the BJP leader said. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, when he was Gujarat chief minister, had said Hu khato nathi and khava deto nathi (I do not commit corruption and not allow anybody to do it).

My government is also on the same path, he said. Rupani said his administration has strengthened anti- graft agencies and focusing on transparency.

"We are running this government on four principals of transparency, sensitivity, decisiveness and progress. Transparency is very important to us, he said.

We have strengthened the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB), increased its strength and provided legal advisor to them to act against corruption. "The opposition is saying so many officers are being arrested in ACB traps. This is because we they have been mandated to go hard against those indulging in corruption, the chief minister said.

He said technology is being used in a big way in improving governance. We have brought change in governance system by use of technology. All revenue (land)-related works are being done online so that it is transparent, he said.

"In the same way, mining auctions are being done online and attendance of schoolteachers and students is being taken online," Rupani said. "We have abolished RTO check posts from where complaints of corruption were rampant. This step has not affected our income, Rupani said.

This is the second video released by Rupani on social media highlighting the work of his government in the past few days. In the first video, he had spoken about employment generated by his government.

The Congress, however, was not impressed by the release of the video on corruption. After 25 years of BJP rule in the state, the chief minister has released a video saying they are fighting against corruption. The entire government is embroiled in corruption, state Congress spokesperson Manish Doshi said..

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