Netanyahu Blames Biden for Weapon Delays Amid Gaza Crisis

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu criticizes U.S. President Joe Biden for delaying weapon shipments that Netanyahu claims are hindering Israel's offensive in Gaza. The delay concerns heavy bombs, with Biden's administration worried about civilian casualties. Critics accuse Netanyahu of prolonging the conflict to avoid political fallout.

PTI | Jerusalem | Updated: 18-06-2024 23:24 IST | Created: 18-06-2024 23:24 IST
Netanyahu Blames Biden for Weapon Delays Amid Gaza Crisis
Benjamin Netanyahu
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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday accused U.S. President Joe Biden of withholding weapons, suggesting this delay is hampering Israel's offensive in Gaza's southern city of Rafah. The claim comes as humanitarian conditions worsen for Palestinians.

Biden has postponed sending certain heavy bombs to Israel since May, citing concerns about civilian casualties in Gaza. Despite this, the U.S. administration has avoided implying that Israeli forces have crossed any 'red line' that would prompt a more comprehensive arms embargo.

Netanyahu, speaking in English directly to the camera, criticized Biden for bottlenecks in arms transfers. He stated that the administration's withholding of weapons is inconceivable and that providing the necessary tools would expedite Israel's operations. He did not specify the weapons being held back, and the Israeli military declined to comment.

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