Maharashtra Quota Controversy: Challenges and Political Maneuvering

Maharashtra Minister Girish Mahajan addressed concerns over the Maratha reservation issue, particularly activist Manoj Jarange's demand for 'sage soyare' relation inclusion. While acknowledging past government efforts, Mahajan criticized opposition exploitation and indicated the BJP’s commitment to the Maratha quota. Jarange remains unsatisfied, threatening potential election involvement.

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Maharashtra Quota Controversy: Challenges and Political Maneuvering
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Maharashtra minister Girish Mahajan addressed the media regarding the ongoing Maratha reservation issue on Wednesday. He dismissed activist Manoj Jarange's demand for the term 'sage soyare' in the reservation notification, citing potential legal challenges.

Mahajan criticized the opposition for seeking political advantage from the issue and defended the BJP-led government's actions. He emphasized that the Maratha community was granted a reservation without affecting other community allocations, a stance the BJP continues to uphold. However, he noted the legislative hurdles faced by the subsequent Uddhav Thackeray-led MVA government in defending the quota in the Supreme Court.

Despite the efforts of the BJP, Jarange remains unsatisfied and has cautioned that if their demands are not met, they will consider contesting assembly elections. Jarange's demands include recognizing Kunbis as 'sage soyare' and issuing Kunbi certificates to all Marathas, making them eligible for OBC quotas. The state assembly has passed a bill for a separate 10 per cent reservation for the Maratha community in education and jobs, yet the demand for inclusion under OBC remains.

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