Debunking Eco-Food Myths: A Guide to Sustainable Eating

This article from Singapore-ETH Centre and ETH Zurich addresses common misconceptions about sustainable food choices. It elucidates five prevalent myths, emphasizing the complex factors influencing environmental impact and providing guidance for healthier, eco-friendly eating habits.

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Debunking Eco-Food Myths: A Guide to Sustainable Eating
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Singapore-ETH Centre and ETH Zurich in Singapore highlight prevalent misconceptions surrounding eco-friendly food choices. Labels like 'organic' and 'GMO-free' can mislead consumers into thinking they are making sustainable decisions, but the reality is more nuanced.

Environmental impact varies based on numerous factors such as resource use, greenhouse gases, and waste. To truly eat sustainably, individuals should prioritize plant-based foods and limit red meat, while also considering the intricate environmental impacts of production and transportation.

Debunking five common myths, the article stresses the importance of addressing psychological barriers and increasing public knowledge for promoting sustainable diets.

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