SenRa releases Ginjer 2.0 IoT analytics platform

SenRa Tech | New Delhi | Updated: 09-04-2020 12:36 IST | Created: 09-04-2020 12:36 IST
SenRa releases Ginjer 2.0 IoT analytics platform
SenRa Tech

SenRa is announcing the release of its new Ginjer 2.0 IoT analytics platform which will help users to easily and securely manage IoT data and devices at scale. The new Ginjer 2.0 is redefining what's possible for businesses by accelerating business decision making with powerful reporting tools, real-time data visualization, device management capabilities and user access management features in a shorter amount of time at low-cost. Ginjer provides users the ability to get immediate insight into their business operations, cost savings, and overall return on investment (ROI).

SenRa has been driven by its vision to offer its customers with the best possible solutions and services. With the release of Ginjer 2.0, SenRa is now able to provide customers with true end-to-end IoT solutions while still ensuring a very competitive price.

"We are really excited about the announcement of Ginjer™ 2.0. Our team has worked really hard to solve core problems companies face when selecting an IoT platform for their projects." said Ali Hosseini, Chief Executive Officer of SenRa. He says "Companies are looking for IoT platforms to be affordable and still have powerful reporting tools, data visualization capabilities, and device management capabilities. Ginjer™ does that and more."

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