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A journey of radio in the 21st Century: In conversation with RJ Sarthak

RJ Sarthak has been in the radio industry for over 2 decades now and believes that the power of radio lies in the fact that it makes no demands. It can be the background, and it can be the center of your focus.

Parag NarangParag Narang
Updated: 14-08-2019 22:43 IST
A journey of radio in the 21st Century: In conversation with RJ Sarthak

RJ Sharthak Image Credit: Team RJ Sharthak

RJ Sarthak's voice has been electrifying Delhi's airwaves for around 2 decades, and still remains as fresh and relevant. He hosts one of the most popular morning shows on 104.8 Ishq FM and relentless positivity is the underlying theme to all that happens on the show. He believes that the spirit of radio lives on in the digital world and as a lover of radio, he refuses to lose hope. In an exclusive interview with Parag Narang, Sr. Sub. Editor, Devdiscourse, he talks about challenges and opportunities for the radio industry in the modern world. Edited Excerpts

Parag Narang: How do you look at your professional journey as RJ?

RJ Sarthak: Radio has been a long-term passion and to live one's dream is a privilege. The journey has been replete with crests and troughs, but the feeling of being in front of the microphone remains as fulfilling as it ever was.

Narang: What qualities should an aspiring RJ develop for a successful career in this field?

Sarthak: Awareness, knowledge, honing of interpersonal skills, and most importantly, respect. One has to respect the listener because the listener is the reason why radio exists. Awareness of what is happening around, the knowledge to know various facets of the situation, and the ability to extract information that would help the listener can, with some amount of confidence, be called the bedrock of good presentation.

Narang: In this age of internet when everything is available on your mobile, how do you look at the scope of radio/FM industry?

Sarthak: It certainly is a challenge, but we are firm believers in good content shining irrespective of the platform! And the spirit of radio does live on in the digital format in the form of satellite radio and podcasts, so as lovers of radio, we refuse to lose hope!

Narang: The words are said to have great power of influence in both of its forms - textual and spoken. What differences do you find in the powers of written and spoken words in terms of influence?

Sarthak: The nuance of the spoken word has always appealed to me more, but the basis of those spoken words lies firmly in the written form. So both have their unique power.

Narang: What role radio/FM could play for effective implementation of social development projects in developing countries?

Sarthak: The power of radio lies, to me, in the fact that it makes no can be background, and it can be the centre of your focus. And because of this, the patience of radio usually entails the message being assimilated much deeper. This makes radio as a messenger a very potent one.

Narang: How challenging is the job of a radio jockey in today's world?

Sarthak: (Play the video below and listen to the reply in the voice of RJ Sharthak).

Narang: How do you look at the role of radio and FM in development communication?

Sarthak: (Play the video above and listen to the reply in the voice of RJ Sharthak)