Black Friday Carnival 2021 on Bidder

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Black Friday Carnival 2021 on Bidder
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The leading digital assets company specialising in cryptocurrency mining and sharing service platforms is set to launch its Black Friday consumer campaign. The campaign has been started and will end on December 26, 2021. The name of this platform is there, and the event will take place in partnership with bitcoin magazine. It is a platform currently providing news and is associated with bitcoin and some popular cryptocurrencies.

Apart from this, the Black Friday campaign launched by Bitdeer will provide some exciting and alluring deals to cryptocurrency investors from all over the world. The company has also decided to join hands with a bitcoin foundation based in Texas. It is a non-profit organisation that provides equal opportunities to poor people.

The primary purpose of building with bitcoin foundation is to provide poor people with clean water, sustainable farming, access to education, humanitarian support and many more. These facilities are given to poor people from different countries worldwide, and they are all powered by bitcoin. Also, along with bitcoin, some other blocks and technologies are involved in this foundation. The main reason behind launching this black Friday campaign is to tell the customers that the company is very much thankful to them. It is the philosophy of consumer obsession, and through this campaign, the company looks forward to returning the Bitdeer community's favour.

Furthermore, it will provide some exciting deals to the consumers to make more money with the help of this Black Friday campaign. Also, the main reason behind launching this campaign is the spirit of Thanksgiving. The company wants to tell the consumers that they are very thankful for the long-term support, and Thanksgiving is the best time.

Apart from the bitcoin magazine, its subsidiary company, bitcoin Black Friday is also a part of the campaign. Bidder is a cryptocurrency mining sponsor to the executive company; it will introduce significant flash sale promotions. It is going to provide the global cryptocurrency miners with some incredible deals. Also, the cryptocurrency enthusiasts will get some exciting things during this black Friday campaign which is the ultimate motive of getting out of this project. It will be a suitable time for the bitcoin enthusiasts looking forward to trying some top-notch mining models to make more money.

The primary purpose of launching this campaign is a promotion on a vast scale. Through this promotion, the company will aim to provide a wide range of service packages through From the official and campaign websites, the consumers will get a discount of up to 13%. In addition, some of the earlier plans are launched at a significantly lower price than their base prices. For example, you will get a five-day trial of the very powerful Antminer S17 at just $8.10 only at However, it is not the only offer in the Black Friday campaign. There are special other offers also available that will attract a lot of cryptocurrency enthusiasts. It will provide them with a lot of offers, and apart from this, it will also boost consumer engagement on the official website of Bidder.

Celebrating with purpose

The giant cryptocurrency mining firm Bitdeer not only focuses on the sustainable business and economic future but also works towards the common good of people. Giving back the favour to society is one of the essential phenomena the company has been following for a long time. Also, it has been a part of Bitdeer's philosophy since the day it was first launched. Therefore, a considerable portion of the revenue generated through Black Friday promotional sales will be from a charity. Also, 1% of the sharing service package fees will be donated entirely. Furthermore, during the promotional campaign, it will donate one dollar from every five-day trial sale to some charitable trust, and it will send it to humanitarian efforts.

Information about Bitdeer

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