US Suspends Avocado Inspections in Michoacan Amid Security Concerns

The US government has paused avocado and mango inspections in Michoacan, Mexico, due to security concerns. This suspension, however, will not halt avocado shipments to the US, as Jalisco is a new exporter and many Michoacan avocados are already en route.

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US Suspends Avocado Inspections in Michoacan Amid Security Concerns
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The United States government has temporarily halted inspections of avocados and mangoes in Michoacan, Mexico, over security concerns, according to an official statement released on Monday.

Under the US Department of Agriculture guidelines, inspections in Michoacan, Mexico's largest avocado exporter, are paused until safety conditions improve. Inspections in other regions will continue as usual, a spokesperson confirmed.

In February 2022, inspections were similarly suspended following threats to a US plant safety inspector in Michoacan. Although the pause currently impacts only Michoacan, it won't disrupt Mexican avocado exports to the US, thanks to Jalisco's new export authorization and existing shipments from Michoacan.

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