Vacant Safety Posts Raise Alarms in Indian Railways

Over 1.5 lakh safety posts in Indian Railways remain vacant, raising concerns about train safety. Investments and structural improvements have been made but vacancies include crucial roles like train drivers. Railway trade unions highlight stress on overworked staff, calling for better maintenance of information on vacancies.

PTI | New Delhi | Updated: 18-06-2024 18:37 IST | Created: 18-06-2024 18:37 IST
Vacant Safety Posts Raise Alarms in Indian Railways
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In a staggering revelation, over 1.5 lakh safety-related positions within the Indian Railways remain unfilled, according to a Right to Information response by the Railway Ministry. Despite significant investments over the past decade, train safety continues to be a pressing concern.

Critical roles such as train drivers, inspectors, and controllers are among the vacant positions. The Ministry disclosed that as of March 1, 2024, out of approximately 10 lakh sanctioned safety posts, 1.52 lakh remain vacant. The situation extends to other essential roles, with nearly 14,429 vacant positions for loco pilots and 4,337 for assistant drivers.

Railway trade unions have spotlighted the escalating stress among employees in the safety category. Ashok Sharma, assistant general secretary of the National Federation of Indian Railwaymen, emphasized the dire consequences, citing overstretched staff as a key factor in accidents. Structural improvements and extensive training programs are underway, but the immediate need for filling vacancies persists.

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